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What You Think You Know!


Everyone has a cell phone, tablet or camera today that can take photos or video footage, so everyone thinks they can document occassions - birthday parties, graduations, weddings, etc. as well as a professonal photographer.  People take many, many photos, most of which just sit on your phone (or on your camera if you have one), only to be viewed when taken, and many times never seen again.


This trend is both positive and negative. The positive being you get the opportunity to get many more photos of the people, places and things that you love. The negative being many of these photos are low quality (not in focus, poorly lit, etc.) and are not print quality - meaning, if you go to print these images, they will not be in sharp focus when enlarged (any size over 4x6).  Or they will be lost forever when your cell phone crashes or is lost or stolen.

fine art example

The solution? 

Sidney & Company!

We will show you how to back up your photos on a regular basis (if you don't already do this) and archive them - by date or topic. We will also correct and print any images that you select so that they are produced at optimum quality. They can then be printed on photo paper, watercolor paper, metal, glass or canvas, or put into custom created books, albums, or slideshows and shared with family and friends through a variety of methods.

editing example

Technology is also changing at a fast pace. Do you remember floppy disks or zip drives? Many people had photos saved on those media formats and can no longer access them. Your photo archives must keep up with changes in technology or your valuable images may one day be lost forever.



Old School:


If you have old photos, negatives or slides that you would like to keep, let Sidney & Company digitally capture and archive your images. We will professional scan your images at high resolution and can correct and print any images that you select, or create custom photo books, albums or slideshows to share.



Photo Art:


All photos - whether snapshots or professonal images - can become art. With the use of custom filters, color, light, and cropping, your images can spring to life and bring the real "you" into focus.  Sidney & Company accepts images and presents several options for your consideration. After editing and approval, your image will be printed on the media you select. You can also have your image professionally matted and framed and arrive ready to hang.  We also create images for a specific need (example: smiles for a dental office, hands for a nail salon, etc.) or direct you to affiliated artists' websites for you to select unique images for printing and framing.  Check out for exciting photo art options!

Sidney School:


Let Sidney & Company teach you to use your phone camera

or standard photo or video camera and get the best images

possible. One-on-one classes available.

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