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I first began using multi-media with my photographs about 8 years ago on a landscape photograph. I was about to enter my first art show and wanted something special. Up until then, I had only really provided photography for clients and this was the first time I was going to display something that I chose to photograph - just for me.  


One day, I drove to Myrtle Beach to photograph a rental property for a client and on the way I passed a marsh that looked so mystical I had to stop to photograph it. The light drizzle made the scene even more magical. Months later, when I chose this image for the show, I decided to add paint to it to add to the mystical feeling. A new art form (for me!) was born.

I have since begun creating custom portraits by digitally manipulating the photographs, printing them on special surfaces (linen, canvas, metal and glass) and then highlighting certain parts of the image with paint or other media. Each piece is unique and very special to those that commission it. I continue to also produce multi-media landscapes and other images. 

Another avenue I've begun to explore is alter-ego portraits. We all have more than one side to our personality, and we choose when, and with whom, we share it. Alter-ego portraits explore "that which makes you you".  An alter-ego session begins with a conversation about which sides you which to expose and what makes it special to you. We then plan a photo session to capture both "yous". After that, I begin to layout a story that connects the two. This portrait is so very personal and will be reflected upon for many years to come!

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